The Initiation of Angelina

Artwork In Progress

The Initiation of Angelina
Opus One
The Devil's Melody

I started writing this story years ago before I knew about the open source application program Blender 3D. I started doing it in the traditional graphic novel style similar to pen and ink illustrations, I first did the pen line in felt tip, scanned it into the computer and then added the colour in GIMP. When I read about Blender 3D it seemed a quick way to do it but seven years later I guess that was a bit optimistic.

Blender has a 3D area that is like a virtual film studio. All the characters and scenes have been created as 3D models, placed in the 3D area with lights and cameras and the images rendered through the lens of a selected camera. Each character is rigged with an armature (which is like a skeleton) and this can be moved into different positions on different frames. I have only used it for still images but Blender is intended for animation, this is done by fixing different poses approximately ten frames apart and then Blender will automatically blend all the frames in between to create a film strip, but life is too sort for me to do a film.

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